Salsi Pty Ltd

ABN 17 005 761 366

Salsi Pty Ltd is a family-owned company incorporated in Australia.

The company's interests cover a range of activities in the food production and marketing, publishing, internet and learning industries.

Primary production enterprises are based on a property near St Arnaud in Victoria and include a 4200 tree organic olive grove. Olive varieties include mission, manzanillo, kalamata, verdale, correggiola and nevadillo blanco. The property has Land for Wildlife status. Production philosophy embraces the principles of conservation, whole farm planning and vertical integration.

The publishing enterprise comprises the development and production of operations and training manuals, and handbooks for the retail industry in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Internet and intranet publishing and editing services are also provided. The company is committed to promoting learning as an enabling and exciting personal experience, essential to the success of any enterprise. Handbooks published independently include 'The Office Bearer's Handbook' and 'The Olive Handbook'.

Activities in delivering conferences, seminars and courses range through leadership development, strategic policy, olive industry development and technical training. The company stages Australia's largest annual olive industry event 'Olive Business Week' which includes a national conference, exhibition and olive marketplace. Leadership seminars have been organised in partnership with the Myer Foundation Cranlana Programme, the National Australia Bank and the Institute of Land and Food Resources of the University of Melbourne. Salsi Pty Ltd has conducted media presentation training programs for regional radio, television and newspapers.

Simon Field is the Managing Director of Salsi Pty Ltd. He was Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science from 1989-1996, Editor of the Journal Agricultural Science and a member of the Board of the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture of the University of Melbourne. He has been a General Councillor of the Victorian Farmers' Federation, Executive Officer of the Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants, Director-Pacific Region of the Commonwealth Association of Scientific Agricultural Societies and is a graduate of the Williamson Community Leadership Programme and the Cranlana Programme.

Joss Field has extensive experience in customer service in local government and agricultural industries.

Michael Field is the Operations Manager of Salsi Pty Ltd. Michael is also the manager of the website He has experience in futures trading, banking, ticketing services and call centre management.  Michael is a Monash University Graduate (Bachelor of Commerce).

Roger Field has experience in public relations, ticketing services, call centres and large scale event management.