Simon Field

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Simon Field is the Managing Director of Salsi Pty Ltd, a family company which produces and markets the Salsi brand of organically certified extra virgin olive oil and table olives from a 4,500 tree organic olive grove near St Arnaud, Victoria, Australia.

The company established Olive Business in 1999, running trade shows, conferences and olive industry promotions as well as launching which has grown to become one of the leading olive industry websites in the world.


In 2001 Simon founded Savantes, a food industry network and professional tasting programme based on understanding and using olive oil and table olives. Savantes is now run annually in Seville in Spain and in 2009 was held at Fortnum and Mason in London, one of the world’s oldest and most respected food retailers. The programme has been held in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Simon Field has also written, published and distributed ‘The Olive Handbook’, and ‘The Table Olive Handbook’, and the ‘Olive and Olive Oil Marketer’s Handbook’. 

He has visited and researched the olive industry in Spain, Italy, Greece, France, New Zealand, South Africa, United States and throughout Australia.

Table Olive Consulting

Simon Field was consultant on table olive processing and marketing with Timbercorp, Australia’s largest olive producer with over 1 million trees. Over a three year period he conducted trials with a variety of mechanical harvesters, styles of processing and market preparations. The trial included developing HACCP procedures subject to third party accreditation.

He has consulted to producers in Australia and New Zealand providing advice on grove establishment, management and table olive processing treatments.

Simon also presents courses in Australia and New Zealand covering all aspects of table olive production, processing and marketing.

Simon Field manages the Salsi Olive Grove which produces Salsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 16 styles of Salsi Table Olives. In 2011 the company switched its production from olive oil to table olives and is currently selling olives into the Melbourne gourmet wholesale market retailing to high end restaurants.

Retail Consulting

Simon has worked with olive oil brands and retailers since 1999. Simon's retail experience ranges from working with supermarket brands to boutique olive shops, as well as new product development.

Simon developed his retail knowledge working for nine years with a major Australian retailer (100+ stores) developing training manuals and an extensive intranet, as well as being commissioned to write a book about the company's history. 

In the food industry he provided consultant services to one of Melbourne’s leading organic food retailers, as well as worked with chefs, restaurateurs and distributors to promote olives and olive oil.

In addition to many years of primary production in two countries, Simon’s experience includes Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science from 1989-1996, Executive Officer of The Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants, Editor of the Journal Agricultural Science, and membership of the Board of the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture of the University of Melbourne.

While with the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science he managed the development of Professional Standards for Agricultural Scientists providing the national reference for professional conduct in all aspects of the profession. 

He has a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge where he studied Zoology, Botany, Animal Production and Applied Biology.

For further information about Simon's experience or consultant services, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +61 418 329 890