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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes Tasting Programme, New York, USA

New York, 31 October to 1 November, 2019

Savantes Introduces Enhanced ‘Frequent Tasters’ Recognition for Associates

Silver. Gold and Platinum Associate Savante Certificates will now be awarded.

Growing and processing olives and olive oil...

Information about planning, planting, pruning, picking and processing olives and olive oil!

Melbourne Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes

21st to 22nd November 2019 - Tasting the world's best extra virgin olive oils!

The following should be taken into account when selecting a site for an olive grove.

  • Soil type and drainage - waterlogging kills olive trees.
  • Availability of nutrients in soil.
  • Soil acidity, olives grow best in soils with a pH of 7.0-8.0.
  • Rock will impede infrastructure development such as irrigation trenches.
  • Climate - olives like cool winters and hot summers.
  • Winter frost is necessary for most varieties.
  • Rainfall.
  • Water storage for irrigation.
  • Cost of irrigation infrastructure.
  • Access to and cost of power for irrigation.
  • Prevailing wind and windbreaks to protect trees during flowering.
  • Previous crops which may have been hosts to fungi or nematodes.
  • Availability of labour for pruning and harvesting.
  • Proximity to markets and/or processor.
  • Steep slopes will affect irrigation and harvesting by machine.
  • Proximity to concentrations of wildlife which could damage trees.
  • Fire danger.
  • Security, susceptibility to vandalism and crop stealing.