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Olives can be planted in irrigated olive groves year round if winter temperatures do not fall below -5 degrees Celsius. However, planting in Australia is generally done in spring.

  • Complete site preparation.
  • Plant windbreak crop to protect young trees, do not shade grove.
  • Mark out tree positions.
  • Dig hole approx 35cm deep x 20cm wide, do not glaze sides.
  • Fill hole with water.
  • Remove plastic plant bag or pot.
  • Tease out bottom 3cm of roots.
  • Place root system in hole to position 5cm below grove soil level.
  • Cover in and firm down soil to express air pockets.
  • Form 1m basin with soil bank.
  • Fill basin with minimum of 10 litres of water.
  • Remove nursery stake and ties.
  • Insert stake, generally 150cm long and 12-20mm thick.
  • Tie tree to stake with plastic tape allowing a little movement.
  • Put on tree guard, can use sisalation or plastic.
  • Mulch, being careful to keep trunk clear of mulch.