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Fruity, a Little Bitter and Spicy By Simon Field

Simon Field is the founder of International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes and an olive producer and trader.

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We have a Code of Ethics which is commended to all Savantes as a guide to professional and ethical conduct.

Code of Ethics

1. Savantes should be honest and always act with integrity.

2. Savantes should not claim any qualification or accreditation that has not been conferred.

3. Savantes will maintain confidentiality of results of all activities involving the judging of olive oils for competition, and, when relevant the commercial assessment of oils.

4. Savantes will not accept direction, commission or fee that may compromise their professional and independent judgment.

5. Savantes will not participate in any assessment of olive oil products in which their product is participating, unless their interest is publicly declared.

6. Savantes will not judge in any olive oil competition in which their product, or a product in which they have an interest, is included.

7. Savantes will not offer or provide advice in matters in which they do not have the relevant expertise.

8. Savantes will abide by all statutory regulations relevant to activities pertaining to extra virgin olive oil or its derivatives.

9. Savantes will regard the health, welfare and safety of the community and the environment as their prime responsibility.

10. Savantes are committed to self-education to improve personal standards of expertise and competence.