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Fruity, a Little Bitter and Spicy By Simon Field

Simon Field is the founder of International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes and an olive producer and trader.

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At each Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes tasting programme, participants taste a range of the world's best extra virgin olive oils.  The list below contains the oils tasted during the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes tasting programme held in Chicago, USA.

We are always grateful to the oil producers, distributors and retailers who provide their oil to the tasting progamme each year, helping to provide participants with the broadest tasting experience possible and developing their tasting skills and experience.


Brand Style Varietals Region website
Trilogia Suave Arbequina, Arauco, Changlot Real San Juan
Trilogia Intenso Arbequina, Arauco, Changlot Real
Trilogia    Arauco
Tarago    Nevadillo Blanco Victoria
Sumich    Picual WA
Sumich    Coratina
Oasis Blend Frantoio, Coratina, Koroneiki Victoria
Castelines    L'Aglandau Provence
Castelines Mas de L'Olivier Salonenque, Petit Ribier, Frantoio, Pendolino
The Olive Table Private Estate Koroneiki Messinia
The Olive Table Single Reserve Koroneiki
Mani Blauel    Koreneiki
Oliorama  Exclusive Koroneiki, Kollyreiki Olympia
Oliorama  PGI Koroneiki, Kollyreiki Olympia
Dievole 100% Italian Coratina, Leccino, Peranzana, Ogliarola Tuscany
Dievole    Coratina Tuscany
Seggiano    Olivastra Seggianese Tuscany
Galantino Afforiato Ogliarola, Coratina Bari
Galantino  Grand Cru Coratina Bari
Cabeco das Nogueiras      Abrantes
Quinta do Pouchao    Galega, Cobrancosa Abrantes
Oliveira da Serra Lagar do Marmelo
Oliveira da Serra  Gourmet
Venta del Baron    Hojiblanca, Picuda Priego de Cordoba
Mueloliva     Picuda Priego de Cordoba
Rincon de la Subbetica   Hojiblanca Priego de Cordoba
Oro Bailen    Arbequina Jaen
Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar Picual Jaen
Casas de Hualdo   Picual Castilla la Mancha
Casas de Hualdo   Cornicabra Castilla la Mancha
Casas de Hualdo   Arbequina Castilla la Mancha
Suerte Alta Coupage Natural Picual, Hojiblanca, Picudo Baena
Suerte Alta   Picual Baena
Domaine Fendri    Chemlali        
Iffco    Chemlali
Iffco Special Harvest    Chemlali
Chacewater    Favalosa (FS17) California
Chacewater    Allegro California
Chacewater    Sevillano California
Chacewater    Mission California