There are two main processing streams for olives:

  1. Olive oil accounting for approximately 80% of olives.
  2. Pickling which accounts for the other 20%.

The products from both these processes can then be further processed to a wide range of products including cosmetics, margarines, and soaps from the oil; and olive pastes, sun dried olives, table olives from the pickled olives.

Small oil processing plants can be purchased for $15000-$30000.

Delivering to processors

Processors will purchase olives on a contract or ad hoc basis.

Some processors will process batches of your olives for you charging on the basis of tonnage.

When selling olives on contract the following are important in determining the price paid:

  • Variety.
  • Quality.
  • Quantity.
  • Stage of ripeness.
  • Percentage of oil.
  • Extent of bruising.
  • Time lapse between harvesting and delivery to processor.
  • Size of fruit.