Nathalie Valladier lives in Montpellier in the South of France and currently works as Quality Auditor in a pharmaceutical company. She began in 2010 to rehabilitate her grandmother’s olive grove that had remained uncultivated since the severe frost event of 1956. Three years later, she decided to go back to the Faculty of Pharmacy to take a university degree in oleology (Diplôme Universitaire d’Oléologie). She was convinced that this diploma would help her to better understand olive cultivation and produce high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with her family olive grove.

Once the diploma obtained, Nathalie went on developing her new passion for olive oil tasting. Her determination to learn and her commitment improve her tasting skills were the key to success: she reached the level requested and obtained the status of Associate Savantes.

The status of Associate Savantes is an important milestone in her passion, and associated with the pleasure to reach this particular goal, this status offers visibility and higher credibility in the wonderful world of high quality of olive oil.