Sarah Asciutto has come from a long line of passionate food lovers. Having spent her younger years in a renowned South Australian food produce region, quality and frehsness has always been at the fore of her culinary experiences. Growing up in an Italian – Australian household has meant Extra Virgin Olive Oil always takes center stage in the Kitchen.

Being involved in her family’s Olive groves in both the Adelaide Hills and Murraylands has allowed her to refine her skills in blending and tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oils, as well as working along with a strong South Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil community where the family oil is respected and well awarded.

She is also honoured to be involved in the judging of various Extra Virgin Olive Oil competions and the promotion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil through marketing and consulting.

An honest believer that we never stop learning and eager to expand her experience in olive varietels and oil styles, Sarah was pleased to attain Associate Savantes membership and increase her knowledge in international methods and styles of oils.