Manuel Moriana was born in Granada, Spain, and raised in the Sevillian countryside. He manages his family’s agrobusiness operations across southern Spain. As one of a long tradition of olive cultivators spanning back over five generations, Manuel spent his childhood and adolescence between olive groves and olive oil mills. His family’s dedication to agriculture and olive production inspired his passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) tasting, production, distribution, and education.  

Manuel graduated from the University of Jaén as an EVOO expert in 2016, after completing EVOO courses and tastings at centers throughout Spain, including the IFAPA of Cabra, Denomination of Origen of Priego de Córdoba, and Center of Olive and Oil Interpretation of La Loma.

Manuel’s extensive training and experience led him to work as an EVOO expert in New York City and visit olive cultivators and EVOO producers in Tunisia, Greece, Morocco, and Italy to expand his knowledge of different EVOO varieties around the world.  

Manuel participates in regular EVOO tastings. He is always seeking to uncover exceptional EVOO and educate consumers on EVOO qualities and production, from the olive groves to their tables.