Roberto Gracia Sagasti was born in Bilbao, north of Spain. Chemistry degree of the university of Navarra and specialized in oils and fats from Sevilla. He is the general manager and the owner of the oil press “Aceites La Maja”, which is a family owned business located in Mendavia, Navarra. They cultivate their own olive trees in various varieties to get very high quality of olive oil, which have been awarded for many prizes.

During his long professional career dedicated to the olive oil field, he was one of the founders and president of DOP “Aceite de Navarra” as well as “Navarra taster panel” where he is also a taster. He is passionate about the quality of EVOO and big supporter of its healthy and culinary virtues.

Navarra team is formed by three tasters of “Navarra taster panel”. All of them are not only producers of olive oil but also the owners of the different olive mills in Navarra, in the north of Spain. They are passionate about the virtues of high quality extra virgin olive oil.