Belinda was drawn into the world of EVOO by a love of the Mediterranean cuisine and culture, travels through Greece and a fascination with the health and psychological benefits of the Mediterranean way of life.

In another life as an Australian clinical psychologist and researcher, she spends her time working with people with cancer and chronic diseases. A steady stream of scientific literature about the health benefits of EVOO convinced Belinda that her hobby and passion for EVOO was not just about beautiful flavours, aromas and culinary uses of EVOO but a valuable lifestyle habit that, if combined with other habits, promotes good health.

Belinda is the founder of The Good Life Olive Oil. Her mission is to share her love and knowledge of high-quality EVOO and the food it enhances with others, and deliver the freshest and most beautiful oils from producers in Australia and around the world to the Australian table.

As scientist practitioner she understands ‘the more you know the more you realise there is to learn’ and she is committed to continuing a life-long learning journey about the wonderful world of EVOO. Belinda has completed Olive Oil Sommelier Training with Guido Bandinelli of the Tuscany Olive Oil School, and the Savantes Program with Simon Field, and is proud to be an Associate Member of the Savantes Register.