In 2015 I joined Conga Foods, one of Australia’s leading private, family-owned companies and the largest importer of Spanish Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Australia. For the last decade I have worked in the FMCG Industry having worked at  Kraft Foods, Mondelez International and Kailis Bros Seafood in various roles across Sales Management and Account Management. The move to Conga Foods has exposed me to the complex world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

As a part of my professional development I was lucky enough to attend the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes Tasting Program in November 2015 in Melbourne. During the program I had the opportunity to taste and evaluate some of the world’s best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of different varietals. During the course I was exposed to the complex and diverse world of Extra Virgin Olive oil which was both intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable.

I am looking forward to further exploring the world of Extra Virgin Olive oil throughout my career.