Cristina Garrido was born in Baeza (Jaén), in Spain. Co-founder of ‘AOVE Sour & Hot’ blog and Community Manager specialised in olive oils. She is a strong defender of ‘Extra Virgin’ olive oil and Food and Agriculture Marketing and she is in love with it. Cristina has been strongly involved in the area since she was a child, owing to the familiar dedication to the olive  for more than four generations. Thus, it could be said that olive oil ‘is in her blood’.

She started her university education with a degree in Business Administration and Management.  However, with the passage of time she became interested in olive oil, due to, among other reasons, her father´s curiosity and inquisitiveness about it. She has taken also a Master´s degree in Olive Grove, a Master´s degree in Olive Oil and Health and, finally, the University of Jaen´s own Title of Specialization ‘University Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting’. Currently she continues developing and improving her knowledge as Community Manager and Online Marketing, with a huge incentive to keep learning and working as a professional in this awesome area.