Karen Cryan lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is the first Irish associate member of Savantes. Karen first became an olive oil enthusiast when she lived in Greece for five years. There, she developed a love of all things Mediterranean, particularly olive oil. Having set out to find out more about olive oil, she has over the last number of years, completed training in olive oil tasting in London, Italy and Spain. She has also been involved recently in judging for the Armonia International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition.

Presently she teaches olive oil tasting in Ireland and is planning to import olive oil in the future. Karen has also set up an olive oil tasting group in Dublin, where oil enthusiasts meet informally to taste and enjoy various olive oils.

Having completed the Savantes course and become an associate member, she will continue to spread the olive oil word in Ireland. Irish people are becoming more and more interested in olive oil – due in part to their holidaying in the Mediterranean and part to the health benefits. Her focus is on teaching Irish people how to taste olive oil so that they can choose quality oils. She plans to promote olive oil firstly for its wonderful taste, but also for its health benefits. At every meal time Karen has a bottle of olive oil on her table (instead of butter) and she hopes in the coming years to see more and more Irish people doing this!